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In April, I received an email from my editor about an inquiry for a What Color Is Your Brain? Workshop.

The message was from Pastor, Paul Meyer from the Cornerstone Church- A United Methodist Congregation

Pastor Paul’s first email said,“We saw an article about you in the paper and it looked like a neat program. I am a little swamped this week, I will try to connect next week!” 

I was delighted by his request, knowing that he had seen a press release in
the the Courier News  about my workshop at the Dundee Public Library.

I immediately responded and asked Pastor Paul when the best time was for us to schedule an appointment to chat. Since then, Pastor Paul and I have been corresponding, in an attempt to put a date on our calendars to discuss a workshop for his congregation. 

I have found is his emails most amusing and filled with fabulous Brain Color quotes.

I asked Pastor Paul for his permission to share his revealing Brain Colors and words with you…

“I’ll print this off and put it on my to do list for next week, which should help solidify my color!  HA!”

“My colors have all been put in a blender by my day planner! HA!” 

I enjoyed Pastor Paul’s “Yellow Brain” to-do list, “Creative Blue” blending of his day planner and
his “Orange Brain HA!’s” after each response.

His quotes are a terrific reminders to carefully listen to and read other people’s words, because they will always give you clues to decipher their Brain Colors!

Thank you, Pastor Paul!

Sheila N. Glazov, Author and Personality Type Expert who offers workshop, keynote and training programs.
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