Brain Color Collaboration

Brain Color Collaboration

In February, Karen Hanrahan invited me to speak at the West Suburban Women Entrepreneurs WSWE monthly meeting. After the meeting Anne Chestney Mudd, an attorney from Western Springs, asked me if I would present a What Color Is Your Brain? program for the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois- West Suburban Practice Group on April 17th. 

Anne explained that the organization’s members are lawyers, financial planners, mental health practitioners, coaches, child specialists, and others involved at various stages of the divorce process. Their Collaborative Practice is new way of managing divorce through a team approach. Anne felt the members would appreciate my Brain Color approach. 

Last Thursday, I had a pleasure of presenting a What Color Is Your Brain? Lunch and Learn Workshop to 28 CLII team members. I think the following members’ comments proved Anne correct. Jim Glavin’s brief Green description was “Terrific” and Maureen Sullivan Taylor’s enthusiastic Orange comments were “Excellent and Fun!”
I appreciated Sandra Crawford’s Blue helpfulness with my dyslexia and the members’ warm welcome, eager participation, and generous purchases of my book and donations to JDRF.

After the meeting, Patricia CunninghamMargaret Zuleger, Isabel Millard, Jim Galvin and I spoke about future Brain Color collaborations.

“Many Thanks” to Anne Chestney Mudd, the
Practice Group Leader of the Collaborative Law
Institute of Illinois – West Suburban Practice Group,
Jim Galvin, Co-President of the Collaborative Law
Institute of Illinois, and all the professional team
members of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois – 
West Suburban Practice Group.
I admire your compassion and competency. Your
goal to offer adults and children comfort and positive
solutions during difficult transitions is remarkable! 

My Blue Brain enjoyed “Collaborating in Color”  with all of you!

Sheila Glazov ~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Educator

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