Brain Color Clues to help you comfort others and yourself during the Coronavirus!

Knowing how to comfort others and yourself, especially during the Cornoavirus, can be challenging.

Yesterday, Jordan and I were 2 of 9 attendees at the funeral of our dear friend, and the talented illustrator of Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift, Len Birnbaum. It was challenging for those of us who are Blue Brainers not to hug one another. Instead we told stories from a safe distance through our masks.

Jordan and I were celebrating Lenny’s life and grieving his passing with his family.

My brilliant and compassionate friend Dr. Ellen Sherman, who offers E Therapy for adults online and all things about relationships, told me that many people are also grieving the passing of family members, and friends, and grieving the loss of lives around the world, jobs, their way of life, celebrations of life cycle events, being able to physically spend time family members and friends, just to name a few.

Below is a list of Brain Color Clue to help you comfort children, adults, and  yourself:

To help Yellow Brainers: Explain the facts clearly and patiently because they may feel they are not in control of what is happening. 

To help Blue Brainers: Give them time talk about their feelings and troubles.

To help Green  Brainers: Offer them a logical explanation to help them solve their problems.

To help Orange Brainers: Talk how to focus their energy to achieve end result they want.                 

I trust these Brain Color Clues will help you offer comfort to your family members, friends, colleagues, and yourself during the challenges of the Coronavirus! 

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