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I was delighted to learn that What Color Is Your Brain? (WCIYB) was reviewed on Lisa Martin’s blog: Lisa Reviews.

Lisa wrote a remarkable review  that stated, WCIYB  “helps you understand the people that surround you and who doesn’t want to know that?” 

Lisa also asked her readers to leave a comment telling her who they would use this book to better understand. She also included ways to get extra points to receive a  free copy of the book… clever marketing!

Below are 5 of the 58 comments Lisa received:
1. “This is kind of nifty, I would use the book and try to understand everyone in the family, got a close friend who is little quirky and she would be the first.”

2. “I would use this book to better understand my BOYFRIEND!”

3. “I would use this book to better understand my Husband …he sure can drive me crazy sometimes”

4. “Without a doubt I would use this book to try to understand my oldest daughter.”

5. “I would use the book to try to make sense of a couple of my friends. I care about them dearly but just can’t understand why they do what they do sometimes.”

Lisa also included What Color Is Your Brain? in her Lisa Reviews 2009 Gift Guide.

If you are looking for a fun gift to better understand yourself and others before, during and after the holiday, please let me humbly suggest, as Lisa did… a copy of What Color Is Your Brain?.

My sincere thanks to Lisa for sharing WCIYB with her readers.
I enjoyed their comments and would enjoy learning how WCIYB has helped you.
Please, share your experiences with me.

Sheila N. Glazov, Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
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