Boost Your Brain Power with March BrainBuzz Newsletter

Breaking News…the March issue of my BrainBuzz is hot off my fingers tips!

In this issue you can read about:

1. The “Exciting” Princess Shayna Musical, discover  “Performers'” Brain Colors and see a list of all the previous Princess Shayan Musical blog posts.

2. My announcement about the new Princess Shayna Teacher Guide, which will be available in the next few months.

3. The Lake County YWCA Women in Leadership Breakfast Series, the YWCA’s goal to Eliminate Racism, Empower Women, Encourage Leadership, and  insightful “Leadership” Brain Colors.

4. New Spring Changes to my Website Side bar to help you “Boost Your Brain Power”. I also have clarified some confusion with my Facebook Page, formerly know as a Fan Page, and my Sheila Glazov Profile Page. Now, it will be easier for people to subscribe to my Blog, Newsletter  and connect with me through my social media sites.

I’ve already received many encouraging comments about the BrainBuzz and I look forward to hearing more!

Happy Reading!

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