What Color Is Your Brain?®: A Fun and Fascinating Approach to Understanding Yourself and Others

Are you baffled by other people’s behavior and wonder why…

  • Your co-workers act like they are from another planet?
  • Your children drive you crazy from breakfast to bed time?
  • You are dumbfounded by your partner’s dispassionate attitude?

Buy What Color Is Your Brain?® and quickly discover the solutions to your problems. This book is a fun and fascination approach to understanding yourself and others. The short chapters are easy to read and chockfull of helpful and fun facts that make the people’s complex personalities less confusing and simple to understand.

  • Yellow Brainers are Responsible, Organized, Loyal and Punctual
  • Blue Brainers are Creative, Communicative, Helpful and Compassionate
  • Green Brainers are Logical, Private, Competent and Independent
  • Orange Brainers are Dynamic, Fun-loving, Generous and Courageous

What Color Is Your Brain? will help you quickly understand why the differences in our personalities shade our perceptions and affect the way we interact with others.

You can purchase copies of What Color Is Your Brain? on Amazon

10% of the royalties from the book sales of What Color Is Your Brain?® is allocated to The Raue Center For The Arts Mission Imagination, fine arts education program.


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