Books, Books, Books…

Books, Books, Books…

The Barnes and Noble College Booksellers Annual Meeting/Back to Campus Show on Thursday, April 3rd was bazaar of vendor booths and books, including 500 copies of What Color Is Your Brain?.

The genesis of my attendance at the B & N event and book signing was a communication between Nicole Gallo, Executive Director Sales & Marketing at Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc. and Michelle Gatt, Marketing Communications Director at SLACK, Inc., publishers of What Color Is Your Brain? 

What followed Nicole’s and Michelle’s communication was an email Nicole sent me on January 3rd. It read:
  “Happy New Year!
I have another great opportunity, I’d like to discuss with you.
I recently met with the National B & N College Bookstore Events Coordinator and suggested you as an author that would be great to have signing books.”

I was to be one of the four authors.

I replied that I was thrilled and honored!

Another “Book Blessing.”

True to form, the Rittenhouse team members were quintessential professionals. I was delighted about seeing and working with President Clark Morrell, Executive Director of Sales & Marketing Nicole Gallo, National Sales Manager Jewel Manzay, Marketing Manager Markia Patterson and Southeast Accounts Manager Quentin Matthews again. I appreciated their consideration, camaraderie and campaign for my book and me!

I had the also had pleasure and privilege of working with members of the Rittenhouse team when I facilitated What Color Is Your Brain?™ Workshops for The Rittenhouse Fall Sales Managers meeting, the Executive Summit for Rittenhouse and the Follett Higher Education Group Meeting and the Follett Medical Managers Meeting in October of 2007.

Yesterday morning from 9:30 until noon, I signed books in the Rittenhouse exhibit booth, which was creatively decorated. There was tower display of What Color Is Your Brain? books that was crowned with a model brain and accompanied by a lovely poster announcing my book singing. 

The team and I enjoyed a delicious lunch, and 
at 2:00pm I was whisked off to the authors’ tables
where I signing and visiting with friendly and
curious store managers, like Phredd Hunter from the
University of Alabama Birmingham until 4:30pm.

The meeting was exciting and exhilarating for my brain, but exhausting for my “write” hand. 

Within 5 hours I signed 470 Books, Books, Books…

Sheila Glazov ~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Educator

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  1. sandi on April 8, 2008 at 10:55 am

    YEAH Sheila. We knew you could do it. Would love to get to one of those signings. Love ya

  2. Sheila Glazov Author Speaker on April 8, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    Sandi. Thank you for you being my “Orange Brain Cheerleader!” I appreciate your Blue Brain encouragement, friendship and love! You can come to one of my signings. I will be the Premier Author at the “Little City (formerly the Brandeis) Book Sale Author Lounge on June 13th. I’ll keep you posted. Love to you and your family, Sheila

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