Blue Balloons Capture and Organize Your Ideas

Last week my dear friend, Michelle and I work together to organize all our Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift material she and I have written and collected over the past 14 years! We sorted Princess Shayna and What Color Is Your Brain? pictures, classroom activities and lessons, articles, thank you notes and  letters from teachers, parents and students.

Then we began merging, purging and organizing what seemed to be a manageable amount of material that can be used, now that Princess Shayna will be published and available in September.

My friend Michelle is not a Golden Apple Teacher, she is a “Platinum Apple Teacher” of Excellence!

I will forever be grateful (beyond words) to Michelle for sharing Princess Shayna and the What Color Is Your Brain? Color concept with her students, colleagues and parents. Her experiences offered me educational research and opportunities, I never would have been exposed to on my own. 

Her “Blue Brain Sharing” was a most generous gift that I cherish from the bottom of my “Blue Heart”!

While we were collaborating, my “Blue Creative Brain” kept popping ideas, which was driving Michelle’s “Yellow Organized Brain” crazy!

She finally said, “My Yellow Brain” needs to gather all your “Blue Balloons” and tie them together!”

What an amazing visual. Simply put… and I got it!

If you need to be “Yellow” and organize your ideas, just image capturing all your “Blue Brain” ideas and gathering them together!

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