Blogging Sabbatical Finale

This morning my yard looked like Jack Frost had been up all night dusting my trees and painting my gardens with powdered sugar. What a lovely vision to finale to my Blogging (and Work) Sabbatical.

I must confess, I did take two breaks in my work
sabbatical, when I was interviewed by radio hosts Scott Cluthe on
February 18th and Michael Ray Dresser on February 22nd.

Upon returning to my desk I open my Outlook email Inbox, which resembled Santa Claus’ toy bag. My “Yellow Brain” had been committed to not reading or writing emails for almost 2 weeks. Then I prepared for two more radio interviews. The first was live Larry Whitler and Robin MacBlane and the second was taped with Marsha Raye, which will air on March 3rd.

Since the interviews, I have worked on my What Color Is Your Brain? Fan Page (coming soon), arranged for a What Color Is Your Brain? book event the University of Chicago B & N College Bookstore on May 12th, spoke to my publicist, Lisa Schuble, about our PR campaign and began replying to emails and catching up, which will take a few days. I also had so many lovely responses to my new “Brain Buzz” newsletter and birthday wishes that my “Blue Brain” is still working on my “Thank You” messages.

I’m so happy I eased back into reality with my “Blogging Sabbitical Finale” at the Elgin Symphony, yesterday. Jordan and I enjoyed the Five By Design’s “Stay Tuned” concert that made us sing along with the radio songs and commercials of our childhood.

Speaking of my childhood, it’s time to paraphrase one of the most familiar songs
from the Disney movie, Snow White
Hi ho, Hi ho
It’s off to work I go
Hi ho, Hi ho, Hi ho

Hi ho!
Hi ho!
Hi ho! Hi ho! Hi ho!

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