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This morning I attended a “Blogging 101” class. It was offered to our WIN membership at the Ela Township Library, thanks to Terri Myer, the Library Program Director and our WIN Treasurer. Matt Womack, Head of Technical Services, generously offered his time to teach an evening and morning class to our membership.

The purpose of the classes was to offer our membership instructions and tips about blogging, so we all could utilize our WIN blog, communicate with other members and promote our business. 

It was fascinating to observe the 4 “Blogging Brain Color” behaviors during the class.  


1. A “Yellow Brainer,” who had never blogged before and seemed to feel overwhelmed and out of control, asked several of the questions and wanted to make sure our Board of Directors would develop rules about what could be posted on the blog.

2. Several “Blue Brainers” eagerly helped other members who were having problems setting up their computers and google account.

3. I was the “Green Brainer” blogger who came to see if I could learn any new information to improve my skills.

4. I was sitting next to a bored and impatient “Orange Brainer.” Because the class was moving so slowly, she edited her website during most of the program.

Many Thanks to Terri and Matt and Good Luck to all the
Brain Color Bloggers!

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