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Sheila's Brain Blog

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Learn Positive Attraction Tips To Celebrate A “AAA” Romantic Valentine’s Day!

Do you ever feel that your “soul mate” has become a “cell mate”? Are you concerned that the spark that ignited your positive attraction might have fizzled into a negative reaction? A multitude of factors can agitate your personal security and relationships. However, understanding you Brain Color attitude and how it influences your romantic relationship…

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5th Grade Enrichment Student’s Share Their Praiseworthy Gifts, Book Edits, and “Surprise” Birthday Cards during my 4th Author School Visit

WOW! I was speechless, which is extremely unusual for a Blue Brainer, when I walked into the library at Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Elementary School for my 4th Author School Visit with Laura Newcomer’s 5th Grade Enrichment Students. Each student had created a colorful birthday card for my 69th birthday and for the 17th birthday publishing…

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5th Grade Enrichment Student’s Discover their “Praiseworthy Gifts” during my 3rd Author School Visit

Last Friday, January 24th, I enjoyed my 3rd Author School Visit to the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Elementary School in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. I was looking forward to working Laura Newcomer’s 5th grade Skills Block (Enrichment) class because they have read the first third of my children’s Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift for their novel/book study…

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Decision Making and Motivation To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

When the New Year begins many people begin making decisions to achieve personal and professional goals and/or keep their New Year resolutions. Of course, individuals make decisions differently according to their Brain Color Personality, how they are motivated, and if they confidently say, “I think I can, I think I can,”  just like the little…

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2nd Author School Visit with Enrichment Students reading “Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift”

This past week, I enjoyed my 2nd Author School Visit to the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Elementary School in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. I am working with  Laura Newcomer’s 5th grade Skills Block (Enrichment) class.  The students have begun an exciting new novel/book study unit and reading my children’ book, Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift. As the…

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Your Personality Type Can Influence What You Are Thankful For

Last week, I published my January BrainBuzz Newsletter and I included my New Year’s affirmation for the new business year. For 2014, I received my affirmation as a gift from one of my favorite Yoga instructors at the Silver Lotus Yoga Studio. Erinn Hughs always begins our Yoga practice by reading a Blue Brain Inspirational…

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Research Discovery – New Way to Treat Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Wow, exciting diabetes research news! My cousin George has a Wonderfully Curious Green Brain. He recently sent me a fascinating article about Dr. Eli Lewis, a diabetes expert at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. “Through research, Dr. Lewis found a use for a safe and thoroughly tested drug, Alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT). The FDA-approved protease inhibitor…

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7 Cold Weather Stress and Safety Tips from OSHA

I hope everyone enjoyed a joyful Holiday Season and New Year Celebration! Best Wishes for a grand 2014! The New Year in much of the United States has experience frigid temperatures. The below zero weather and snow in the Chicagoland area has closed schools, strangled traffic, and curtailed hours of operation for businesses.  To my…

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A Beautiful and Fascinating Book Gift: “The Fine Art of Crochet”

On Tuesday, I received Gwen Blakley Kinsler’s Crochet Queen’s Royal Rambling blog post. Gwen was sharing information about her amazingly beautiful and well researched book, The Fine Art of Crochet, as a list minute Christmas Gift. I wrote about Gwen in my previous blog post: I Am A Blue Brain Hooker Who Is Hooked On…

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