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Sheila's Brain Blog

Author | Personality Expert | Speaker | Educator

Discover How Your Brain Will React to Changes in 2017!

Change is one of the most challenging decisions and experiences for many adults and children! You may not know how your brain will react to change in 2017? However, I do! My Orange Brain is excited about the FREE Chapter, #7 Your Romantic Relationship, from my original What Color Is Your Brain?® book, you will receive when you sign up for…

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Why is your perspective about thankfulness and gratitude different than other people’s? Read the Poem!

At this time of year, Americans take time to focus on what they are thankful and grateful for as we prepare and celebrate our National Thanksgiving Holiday. Germany, Japan, Canada, Grenada, Liberia, the Netherlands, and the Norfolk Islands are 7 countries that also enjoy a Thanksgiving celebration. As different cultures and countries celebrate Thanksgiving, each…

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Everyone Needs a Purr-fect Pal They Can Count On!

Everyone Needs a Purr-fect Pal They Can Count On!

Everyone needs a “Purr-fect Pal” they can count on in their lives. That “Purr-fect Pal” may be an adult, child, or a pet who seems to know how you feel and when you need comfort and understanding! A Yellow Brain “Purr-fect Pal” is Always Dependable. A Blue Brain “Purr-fect Pal” is a Sincere Listener. A Green Brain “Purr-fect…

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Post image for 18 Truths People With Diabetes Wish Others Understood on World Diabetes Day and Every Day!!

18 Truths People With Diabetes Wish Others Understood on World Diabetes Day and Every Day!!

Today, November 14th is World Diabetes Day! The International Diabetes Federation is committed to tackle diabetes from the local to the global level, from programs at community level to worldwide awareness and advocacy initiatives. “The activities of IDF aim to influence policy, increase public awareness and encourage health improvement, promote the exchange of high-quality information…

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Veterans Day

An Immigrant’s Story of Gratitude for Our American Veterans!

Tomorrow is the Veterans Day observance, which was originally designated as Armistice Day. I blogged about this story in 2013. Considering what the United States has been experiencing throughout the presidential campaigns and the election. I thought it was most appropriate to share this story of gratitude, again. My cousin Major General (ret.) USAF Stanley…

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2016 Chicago Cubs team photo

World Series Championship “Teamwork” Lessons from the Chicago Cubs!

108 years of waiting and wondering when our Chicago Cubs would win the World Series of Baseball ended last night with an 8 to 7 victory in the 10 inning! “Go Cubs!” When the players, coaches, and executives were interviewed, they all spoke of their feelings of being overwhelmed with “amazing” joy and excitement. What…

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Project Manager

We All Have Projects That We Manage in the Workplace, at Home, and in Our Communities. What Kind of Project Manager Are You?

We all have projects that we manage in the workplace, at home and in our communities. My Green Brain has been developing custom handouts and my Blue Brain has been creating accompanying slide presentations for the Project Management Institute Central Indiana Chapter Professional Development Day on Friday, October 14th, for approximately 350 project managers in…

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Post image for Crucial Health Care Advocate Lessons That Can Help You!

Crucial Health Care Advocate Lessons That Can Help You!

Do you think it is crucial to have have an advocate for yourself or be an advocate for loved ones in an health care facility? I do! I have been an advocate for my for several of my loved one. However, when I broke my leg, eleven weeks ago today, my extensive Brain Color knowledge…

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Post image for Life Changing Broken Leg Lessons and Blessings!

Life Changing Broken Leg Lessons and Blessings!

I broke my leg! To be precise, I broke my tibia 9 weeks ago this morning! It was our eldest son’s birthday and I kept thinking it was much easier and more joyful having a baby than breaking my leg! When people ask me how I broke my leg my Orange Jokester Brain replies, “I…

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