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Sheila's Brain Blog

Author | Personality Expert | Speaker | Educator

Keep looking… “If you’re aware, the gifts are there!”

The political campaigns, candidates, and their behavior are inundating the United States media, which led to a Brain Color discussion after my Silver Lotus Kundalini yoga (the yoga of awareness) practice, this morning. Chenoa, our yoga teacher, was talking about the lyrics: “Once in a while you get shown the light, In the strangest of…

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Do You Complain, Do Nothing, or Take Action to Stop Bad Customer Service?

My What Color Is Your Brain?® book is out temporarily of stock on Amazon, AGAIN!  My Orange Brain is delighted that my original book is selling so well. However, I am disturbed and disappointed that Amazon continues to not have a Yellow Brain Plan that makes sure enough books are always available for customers’ purchases.…

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Romance, That Lovin’ Feeling, E-books, William Shakespeare, Ovid, and Brain Color Quizzes in the February Buzz Newsletter!

Depending on where you live, February is bitterly cold month. However, all the Brain Color Articles in my February “Valentine’s Day” BrainBuzz Newsletter will keep you warm and cozy! Below is the Yellow Brain List of article titles that are filled with Blue Brain information that you will be lovin’: That Lovin’ Feeling and Touch –…

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Want to achieve your 2016 Goals? Read the January BrainBuzz Newsletter and discover how Disney Storyboarding, a Positive Attitude, Motivation, and Inspiration will help you!

 The new year is a time when most people utilize their Yellow Brains to set new personal and/or professional goals. My January “Achieve Your Goals” 2016 BrainBuzz Newsletter will offer you Blue Brain Helpful Ideas that you can implement to be successful. You will learn about: 1. The Walt Disney’s Storyboarding technique that use your…

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If you have ever felt defeated and wanted to quit, read this…

Yesterday, I completed my January “Achieve Your Goals” January 2015 BrainBuzz Newsletter. This morning, my Yellow Brain organized my desk, put my antique poetry book back on the shelf, I decided to share one of my favorite poems, prior to sending out my newsletter. My Blue Brain has always loved poetry. One of my favorite…

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The Charms of An Abundant Golden Chain

My post last week was entitled, What Is Your Powerful Word for a Grand New Year?. I wrote that I was looking for a powerful new word for the new year and was going use my Yellow Brain to dedicate my yoga practice and mediate upon my selection. Before the Kundalini yoga (“the yoga of awareness”)…

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What Is Your Powerful Word for a Grand New Year?

For many years, I have selected a new word as my business mantra, focus, and motivation for the new year. Today, while ready fellow author Laurie Buchanan’s Alliance blog post, I realized that I had not selected my new year word. Hmmm? Would my word be a Yellow Brain word about planning and being responsible?…

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