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Sheila's Brain Blog

Author | Personality Expert | Speaker | Educator

Word Wednesday – “Hiatus”

“Hiatus” is my word for #WordWednesday. Noun: A pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process. Usage: My Green Focused Brain is going on “Hiatus” from my weekly blog and Word Wednesday posts to work on two projects that require more of my time and attention. Pronunciation:  –  hīˈādəs Have you ever taken…

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Word Wednesday – “Shana Tova”

“Shana Tova” are my words for #WordWednesday Definition: A Good Year Usage:  “Shana Tova” is the Hebrew greeting for a Good New Year,! Pronunciation:  – שָׁנָה טוֹבָה To all my Jewish family members and friends, as we celebrate 5,780 I am wishing you and yours a “Shana Tova”  filed with an abundance of splendid…

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Exciting What Color Is Your Brain? Workshops in Brazil!

In November of 2011, I received a delightful email from Ayrton Silva, PMP who is project manager in Brazil. Ayrton had purchased the Brazilian Portuguese edition of What Color Is Your Brain?® and was using my book to teach project management students, real estate sales people, and other professionals in various cities in Brazil. Since…

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A Successful What Color Is Your “Healthcare” Brain? Program!

On this past Wednesday morning, I had the pleasure of presenting a What Color Is Your “Healthcare” Brain? Program that was hosted by Arboria of Long Grove, and sponsored by Elderwerks Educational Services and Northwest Community Hospital / Healthcare. The attendees who were  Illinois nurses, professional counselors, social workers, and senior living consultant were able to earn…

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How you think will make a difference!

Building a Thriving Business is the first chapter in my latest book,  No Bunk, Just BS (Business Sense): Timely and Timeless Truths Business School Cannot Teach You. The following is the No Bunk Truth #6: How you think will make a difference, which is one of  ten No Bunk Truths in the chapter. Since this…

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Remembering! Where were you?

Tomorrow is the 18th anniversary of 9/11. A solemn time to remember the tragedy, the lives lost and devastated, and where we were on the morning of attacks on our country. I vividly remember taking my usual morning walk in my neighborhood, when one of my neighbors ran down her drive way and told me…

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Word Wednesday – “Hamadryad”

“Hamadryad” is my word for #WordWednesday. Noun: A tree dwelling nymph (that dies when the tree dies), or a venomous Indian snake,  or a Abyssinian baboon Usage: When the little girl was happy she behaved like “Hamadryad” and when she was angry she behaved like a poisonous king cobra or a famished large monkey. Pronunciation:…

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Word Wednesday – “Lethologica” and “Lethonomia”

“Lethologica” and “Lethonomia” are my words for #WordWednesday. Nouns: “Lethologica” is the inability to recall the appropriate word and “Lethonomia” is the inability to recall the appropriate name. Usage: At times, I suffer from “Lethologica” when writing my blog and my husband suffers from “Lethonomia” at large business gatherings. Pronunciation: / lēTHəˈläjəkə and…

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