Post image for Become Wiser by Learning to Overlook Some of Your Brain Color Personality TraitsI found the following quote by William James in my notes today."The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook." I love the point of the message and how true it is, as you mature and experience life. Individuals become more selective and know what to overlook about their Brain Color Personality Attributes, which can modify and enhance their life!

Yellow Brainers become wiser when they learn to be less rigid about their life and how they think other people should behave. They discover how to overlook having to be "right" and can modify their planning to include more time for Orange Fun and even become more Spontaneous!

Blue Brainers become wiser when they learn to be less emotional about their experiences and people in their their life. They discover that they can modify their behavior to emulate the Green Brainer's attributes to remain calm and composed.

Green Brainers become wiser when they learn to be less protective about their their ideas and private about their feelings. They discover that they can show their feelings, share their ideas,and enjoy being more like a Blue Brainer by offering compassion and suggestions to their family members, friends, and colleagues.

Orange Brainers become wiser when they learn to be less knee-jerk reactive about the decisions they make. They discover how to contemplate consequences like a Yellow Brainer, which makes their life more hassle-free and less worrisome in their workplace, home and community.

My Blue Brain has become wiser because I learned to modify my behavior and utilize the Green Brain attributes to become calmer and less emotional. These modifications have made my life much less stressful.

Think about how you can become wiser and modify your Brain Color Personalty Traits.

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