Author’s Successful Lesson of Perseverance and Teamwork

For the last few months, I have been struggling with some significant issues about What Color Is Your Brain?® and Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift on Amazon.

I put my Green Research Brain into high gear and my Orange Resourceful Brain took action to make sure there was enough inventory of my book for my programs, radio interviews and the Holiday Season.

I put several calls into Amazon’s  Author Central, which is the quintessential customer service site for authors. In my previous Blog Post entitled Amazon Author Central – A Hidden Treasure!  on October 19th,  I acknowledged Charity, Joe, Chantel, and Andrew. Since then, I have kept a Yellow Brain List that included Sarah, Mary, Desaray and Steve. I hope I am not leaving anyone out. If you are author or know an author be sure to share connect with the helpful and responsive team at Author Central!

The inventory issue was finally resolved thanks the Author Central Team,  Michelle Gatt, the Marketing Director at SLACK, Inc. (the publisher) and Nicole Gallo, Executive Director Sales at Rittenhouse Book Distributors!

Since, the inventory issue was resolve I asked Michelle Gatt if she would upload the PDF files of both books for the “Search Inside” option on Amazon. It took some more emails to Author Central and the “Search Inside” department but it was accomplished TODAY!

Please, check out the helpful and fun “Search Inside” features for What Color Is Your Brain? and Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift on Amazon

Another successful  lesson of Yellow Brain Perseverance and  Blue Brain Teamwork to help my readers!

When has perserverence and/or teamwork paid off for you!

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