Author’s Brain Color News: New Book, Veterans, American Quarter Horse Youth Association, Inspirational Poem, Year 5776, and Mandalas!

Yes, I am back to blogging and feeling better than ever! I had to skip my summer blogging schedule, while I was presenting What Color Is Your Brain?® Programs and writing my latest book, What Color Is Your Brain?®When Caring for Patients: An Easy Approach for Understanding Your Personality Type and Your Patient’s Perspective. I will be posting more about the book when it is available in mid to late September!

Today, I published my September BrainBuzz Newsletter to offer some exciting news and helpful Brain Color tips about:

  1. It was an honor and delight to support our veterans at an amazing Chicagoland Project Managers Institute (PMI) Veterans Mentoring and Outreach Program.  The veterans’ Brain Color Group Activity offered concise Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange Brain Color ideas about resources that they utilize to improve their professional skills and knowledge! I think you will find their ideas helpful, too!
  2. The AQHYA (American Quarter Horse Youth Association) was a remarkable trip to Amarillo for the annual Youth Excellence Seminar (Y.E.S.)! The 200+ young attendees and their parents and advisers were Blue and Welcoming and provided lots of Orange Fun! I was not surprised by the attendees Brain Colors, as they excitedly discovered they were:  24% Yellow, 24% Blue, 18% Green, 34% Orange. You will enjoy reading about their youthful ideas to make others feel comfortable in their AQHYA organization, which you can apply to your professional and personal life.
  3. When you are feeling stressed and say, “It cannot be done.”, read Edgar A Guest’s inspiration poem and discover… It Can Be Done!
  4. Forget about your worries and stress with a mandala. Adults and children can relax and enjoy calmly coloring their beautiful creations!
  5. Greeting for a peaceful and sweet Jewish New Year 5776!

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