Authors’ and Illustrator’s “Food For Thought”

Authors’ and Illustrators’ “Food For Thought” 

On Saturday, March 22nd,
I was delighted to participate
in the 
(Society of Children’s Book Writers
and Illustrators – Illinois Chapter) 
“Food For Thought” Program
at the 
Gail Borden Public Library 
in Elgin, Illinois.

Authors, Sara Shacter and
Natalie Rompella, organized
and hosted an engaging and
educational program for
published authors and
illustrators to have their school
presentations critiqued by
a panel of teacher/peer experts.

The morning began with author and illustrator, 
Sallie Wolf. Sallie transformed herself in to a fun-loving  turtle. We all were fascinated and curious about the art supplies she plucked from her shell (backpack), while she explained the illustrating and writing process for her book, The Robin Makes a Laughing Sound.

Cheryl Bardoe presented a power-point “memoir of a children’s book writer’s life,” that led to her book, Gregor Mendel: The Friar Who Grew Peas. She included a teacher’s comments, written in red ink, on one of her treasures. We all related to her feelings about the critic’s comments.

I presented a What Color Is Your Brain?™ Workshop to the group, as if they were middle school students. They also agreed it would work well for a teacher in-service training. I appreciated their attention and participation, while they discovered the strengths of their “Brainbow” personalities.   

Natalie Rompella, a.k.a. “The Bug Lady,” offered us a peak into her writing files and the process she experienced to begin and complete her book, Don’t Squash That Bug! We found her “creepy crawly” presentation creative and captivating.

Sara Shacter, author of Heading to the Wedding, shared several of fiction and non-fiction writing experiences, including props and game posters. Contagious anticipation was palpable as we contemplated the correct answers to her questions about sea lions, clocks and dinosaurs.

Laura Crawford, Patricia Cooley, Sara and Natalie were our esteemed teacher/peer panel members. Their questions, compliments and constructive suggestions, as well as ideas from attending members, offered each presenter valuable ideas to improve their school presentation.

The morning was a bountiful banquet of generous snacks, other authors’ marketing materials, Pat Cooley’s exceptional Elements of a School Presentation handout, visiting and learning from one another and being part of another delicious, beneficial and successful SCBWI-Illinois “Food For Thought.”

Brava and “Thank You” to Sara and Natalie for their time and talent! 

Bon Appetite!

Sheila Glazov ~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Educator

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