Author Writing Brain Color Book for Health Care Professionals

My Orange Brain is excited to share my progress report about my latest book! On Monday, my Yellow Brain followed the writing plan for my What Color Is Your Brain? When Caring for Patients: An Easy Approach for Understanding Your Personality Type and Your Patient’s Perspective book.

This book will be similar to the original What Color Is Your Brain? A Fun and Fascinating Approach to Understanding Yourself and Others. However, the focus of the book will be for Health Care Professionals.

I had previously completed the drafts for the chapters Section I – Brain Color Concepts:
Chapter #1 – The “No Right or Wrong Answer” Health Care Professional Brain Color Quiz
Chapter #2 – Recognize Your Strengths and Perspectives
Chapter # 3 -Appreciate and Accept Our Differences
Chapter #4 – Understanding Your Color Combinations
Chapter #5 – How Other Colors See Your Brain Colors
Chapter # 6 – Thrive in Ideal and Safe Conditions

I had also completed the drafts for Section II – Professional Brain Color Connections. These four relationships chapters include:
Chapter #7 – Your Relationship with Co-workers (in a hospital, medical office, therapy clinic)
Chapter #8 – Your Relationship with Patients (and their family members)
Chapter #9 – Your Relationship with Health Care Leaders, Managers, Administrators and Agency Representative
Chapter #10 – Your Personal Relationships with Partners, Children, Family Member and Friends, which also includes a  “No Right or Wrong Answer” Personal Brain Color Quiz.

A few weeks ago, I began drafting the chapters in Section III – Brain Color Communication. I had completed the drafts of:
Chapter #11- Listen and Speak Fluent Brain Color and
Chapter #12 – Build Rapport with Others and Create Exceptional Patient Care.

On Monday morning, I began drafting Chapter #13 – Decrease Stress and Increase Wellness and Safety. Suddenly, I was feeling a little stressful organizing all the Green Brain Information. I was overwhelmed by all the Yellow Detailed Data I forgot I had and need to include in the last section of the book.

However, on Tuesday I was on a roll. By Wednesday I completed the drafts of:
Chapter#14 – Recognize and Deal with Bully Behavior and
Chapter # 15 – No-Brainer Conflict Resolution and Creative Problem Solving

Today, I completed my drafts of:
Chapter #16 – Effective Decision Making and Motivation
Chapter #17 – You Can Change Your Brain Color
Chapter  #18 – Helpful Brain Color Clues and Quotes
Chapter #19 – Inside My Shirt Is…

Now, that I completed what author’s call a “Sh**ty First Draft” of my new book, I will have to revisit and revise all the chapters. I also have to send my draft to my Competent Green Brain friend Denise K. Knoblauch, BSN RN COHN-S/CM. I am honored and delighted that Denise, who is an occupational health professional, is the health care professional “expert” for my book.

Next, I will have to tackle writing and revising the front material which includes revisions for my:
1. The Author’s Introduction
2. The Dedication to my Uncle Louis B. Newman who physician and a mechanical engineer and a pioneer and founding father of physical medicine; and my father Alexander I. Newman who was a inventor,  mechanical engineer, and manufacturer of scientific and laboratory instruments.
3. Acknowledgements
4. An Interview with the Author

I am sure the Green Brain Writing Monster will have me in his clutches again. However, I am sure I will be able to break free and give you an update on my progress.

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