Author Explains Writing Process for New “What Color Is Your Brain? When Caring For Patients” book

Yesterday, I began writing this post. However, in my Orange Brain Haste I mistakenly pushed the Publish button and an incomplete post was published. Please excuse my error. The post below was crafted without haste and was published correctly.

People often ask me how to write a book. Like most authors, I respond by saying, “The answer is simple, but not always easy. You must put your tushy in the chair and stay focused!”

Today, my Green Brain has shifted in to a highly focused mode to revise and complete the manuscript and front material for my new book entitled What Color Is Your Brain? When Caring For Patients –An Easy Approach for Understanding Your Personality Type and Your Patient’s Perspective. My deadline for my final revisions is July 31st!

I was encouraged when my publisher sent me his comments about the manuscript I sent him in June. “Well done and I think you nailed it. Good stuff. Lots of the original material and nicely ported over to the Health Care audience. I think they will like it, get it, and appreciate it. Thanks again for your countless hours and all your energy. I know we have another winner here. Brava!

I also reviewed the 9 Health Care Professionals’ peer comments, which were complementary, helpful, and insightful.

With copious encouragement, I put my tushy in my chair and began my Brain Color Writing Process:

My Yellow Brain is going to stick to my daily writing schedule and do my best to eliminate  interruptions.

My Blue Brain will send each of the health care contributors a note, letting them know about the deadline and thank them again for their authentic and educational stories they ha

My Green Brain will stay focused on each chapter and efficiently edited the content.

My Orange Brain will make time to take breaks and have fun, which will energize me and help me enjoy the creative writing process.

My Creative Blue Brain enjoys the Green Precise Revision Process, which means I will be intermittently posting about my revision progress.  However, my Yellow Brain is signing off of my scheduled weekly Blogging until after July 31st, unless my Orange Brain has exciting news that just will not wait!                 

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