Authentic, Friendly & Respectful Health Care Leadership at Advocate South Suburban Hospital

On Tuesday, I had the privilege and pleasure of presenting a What Color Is Your “Leadership” Brain?® Program to 120 hospital leaders who were attendees at the Advocate South Suburban Hospital Leadership Development Institute Day.

In preparation for the program, I enjoyed working with Michelle Gormack, the Leadership Development/HR Consultant, and Dayla Randolph, the Vice President, Human Resources. Michele’s and Dayla’s Responsive Yellow and Cooperative Blue Brain Color Personalities helped my Green Brain Develop a customized program with slides to compliment the “Remembering the Classics” (holiday movie classics) theme for the day. Our “Brainbow” collaboration created an Exciting and Fun Orange Brain experience for the attendees and me!

The meeting room was joyfully filled with Holiday good cheer, festive/funny outfits and decorations. In Chapter #6 of What Color Is Your Brain?®, I discuss the significance of  ideal conditions in which an individual thrives according to their Brain Colors personality. “Ideal Conditions provide an opportunity for each Brain Color to thrive. Providing a climate where individuals feel safe and free to explore their own ideas and feelings develop their creative problem solving, improves their decision making skills and enhances their self-esteem.”

The validity and value of this theory was proven and demonstrated by the hospital’s highly regarded president, Richard Heim.  Rich’s Genuine Blue and Respectful Yellow Brain Leadership and the ideal environment his leadership has created at the hospital was evident by the remarkable Blue Brain Authentic Friendliness and Yellow Respect the hospital leaders showed toward one another!

Yesterday, I was thrilled when I received and email from Michele that said, “Everyone is talking ‘Brain color’ today.  We all really enjoyed your program.”

The South Suburban Hospital Leaders and Program has left an unforgettable and “Classic”  impression on me.  One I will treasure and enjoy “Remembering”!

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