Art Under A Microscope

My “Green Brain” prefers to read a book than watch television. I was going to say “Tube” the nickname for the TV in another era, before YouTube.

When I do turn on the TV, I usually watch WTTW Channel 11, which is our Chicago PBS station, for entertainment and news. For movies I prefer TCM. I love the direction, lighting, plot, costumes, singing, dancing, drama, dialog and nuances of the classic old movies.

However, I do have a favorite TV program. It is CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood that airs at 8:00am CST. I got hooked on the human interest stories, history, fascinating science discoveries, book and movie reviews, art, commentaries, especially by Nancy Giles, the different artistic logo designs and the closing nature scenes. I enjoy watching the 90 show while exercising. I record it if I am doing something else or out of town so I can enjoy it later in the week. I cannot remember when I began watching the show, but Charles Kuralt  was the host then.

Last night, the story that resonated the most with me, besides the Health Care Bill
vote, was Willard Wigan’s Micro Art. In a world of larger and more, this artist’s creativity, talent, determination and patience captivated my attention and respect for the obstacles he overcame as a child.

Tune In and Enjoy!

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