Are You, Or Someone You Know, A “Lawn Mower” Parent?

Shocked by New Parenting Concept

I was shocked when I discovered that there is a new parenting concept. It is called “Lawn Mower” Parenting!

Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter Parenting has been a term that has been used for a while. Those parents hinder their children’s development of self-relience because they are always in sight hovering over the child so they do not learn to do things for themselves.

Lawn Mower Parenting

“Lawn Mower” parents mow down or remove any obstacles in their child’s path that may be challenging or diffcult. They do not teach their children how to solve a problem  or deal with unpleasant situations at home, school, or in their community.

Brain Color “Lawn Mower” Parents

• Yellow “Lawn Mower” Parents: Always want to be in control of their child’s behavior and experiences.
• Blue Lawn Mower” Parents Blue “Lawn Mower” Parents: Always want to create harmonious experiences for thier child.
• Green “Lawn Mower” Parents: Alway want their child to get good grades.
• Orange “Lawn Mower” Parents: Always want their child to have fun!

Article about “Lawn Mower” Parenting

The following link offers helpful information about this new concept: Lawnmower Parents Don’t Hover They Mow – Kars4Kids Parenting

Closing Thought

One of my mantra’s is: “If you make life too easy for your children, you impair them!”


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