April BrainBuzz Newsletter Will Shower You With Brain Color Money Clue, Love & Marriage Advice, and Book Reviews!

Reading April BrainBuzz Newsletter in the RainThis month’s will shower you with “Brainbow” ideas.

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April Showers Bring Brain Color Money Clues: How individuals handle money issues is often the number one reason for the success or failure of their personal and business relationships. They ways each Brain Color manages their finances can determine compatibility or conflict.

Shower Each Other With Love: Sheila’s and her husband’s Brain Color Tips that help to make loving, joyful, peaceful, and successful marriage for 49 years!

Quote of the Month: A Blue Inspiration of Mother Nature and Love!

Shower Book Sites With Reviews: Find our how you can help me to keep  the original What Color Is Your Brain?® book in stock and available for other people. Today, I checked the Amazon site and I am sorry to say that my book  is Temporarily out of stock, AGAIN!

Shower Your Seven Selves With Knowledge:  Learn about my Blue Brain friend and fellow Green Brain author Laurie Buchanan’s insightful new book, Note to Self, which will shower you with ideas about how you can offload your emotional baggage― something that’s especially important when you realize that you don’t just pack for yourself; you pack for your seven selves!

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