An inspiration to practice Yoga when I am 95!

I have been practicing Yoga for over 20 years.  I will be 69 years old in February and I am positive that my Yoga practice keeps me healthy on many levels: physically, emotionally and spiritual. I go to Yoga class at least 3 to 4 times a week at my wonderful Silver Lotus Yoga Studio. It always is a “Healthy Decision” for me to get up for my early morning classes, even when I a tired and/or it is bitter cold outside.

I cannot remember how I happened upon the Rebelle Society article  information, but I am thrilled that I did. It was the headline: The Worlds’ Oldest Yoga Teacher Turns 95 Today! that caught my attention. The article celebrates Master Tao Porchon-Lynch who is a Yoga master, ballroom dancer, oenophile (lover of wine, photographer’s model, and former actress.

I love the beautiful photos that Robert Sturman took of Mater Tao Porchon-Lynch in her gorgeous and colorful gowns. You can also watch a YouTube interview with Master Tao Porchon-Lynch.

The article also created a new Brain Color awareness of the benefits I receive from my Yoga practice.

My Yellow Brain thrives on the discipline and structure of my Yoga practice.

My Blue Brain loves the peace, serenity, and friendships of my Yoga community.

My Green Brain is eager to discover and learn more about the history, philosophy, and health benefits of Yoga from my teacher and books.

My Orange Brain is energized by the challenges of my practice, new poses, and comeradery that fill the Yoga studio.

I hope this article has encouraged you to continue practicing Yoga or take some Yoga classes.


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