An Easy Solution for Lost & Found Documents

Have you ever lost or misplaced something and driven yourself crazy trying to remembering where it might be? That just happened to me.

I had completed and sent the Teacher’s Brain Colors, Brain Color Group Activities and Program Evaluation printouts from the Advocate Condell Day Center for Inter-generational Care program, I presented on June 17th, to Lynn Alison the Director of the center. I was about to send  Lynn a document that would help her write her testimonial letter about the program, but it was LOST!

My Yellow Brain has  well organized sections in my Documents Folder that include folders for my What Color Is Your Brain?® Programs and Client. I scoured  those folder and used the search window,  but with no success.  Then my Green Brain realized I could go research my Outlook Sent Folder and see if I could find a similar document. “Rimsiyavo!“, which is the word Sigmund the Royal Wizard declares when he finds the solution for the princess’ sleeping illness in my children’s fairy tale, Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift. I found a portion of an old document.

It was an easy solution for my lost and found document. My Blue Writer’s Brain was eager to begin the creative revising process with the small portion of the the old document. When I was finished I was delighted that I had lost the document I was looking for. My Found solution proved to be easy and the new document was far better than the original!

I proved the old idiom incorrect: You CAN teach an old dog new tricks, when  you use your Flexible Blue Brain to solve a problem!

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