An Alarming Brain Color Clock

Our grandson slept over a few weeks ago and was fascinated by my small travel alarm clock. Of course, I knew his “Curious Green Brain” wanted to know how it worked.

We played with all the wheels that changed the time and the bar at the top of clock that when raised turned on the alarm and when lowered turned the alarm off. He was thrilled when I told him he could take it home.

This afternoon, I visited my local Radio Shack store to purchase a pair of speaker to enhance the sound from my PowerPoint presentations when I use my laptop for Brain Color Workshops . While I was waiting to see if the speakers were in stock I check out the alarm clock section. To my delight I found a Timex alarm clock.

The old 1950’s slogan, “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” skipped my brain back in time.

A round clock, the “7-Color Selectable Backlight” information on the box and the display of colors boggled my “Orange Brain”. I chuckled about discovering a “Fun” alarm clock that changes colors, just like my Brain Colors!

I immediately purchased the clock. My speakers had to be ordered, but I
came home with an unexpected gift. I’m sure our grandson’s going
to love this clock, too. But not as much as the Science Wiz Invention
project and book I bought him or the “1970 Glazov Boys” Lionel trains to set up with his Papa Jordy.

A “Brain Color Clock” that is positively alarming!

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