A Yogi Fixed My Computer

A few weeks ago, my “Green Techie Brain” decided to purchase the new Microsoft Office 2010 .

My purpose: to utilize the new PowerPoint program to easily make my What Color Is Your Brain? slides in to movies and create trailers for my book. I went to my local Costco and purchased the upgrade. I had a few problems that Microsoft fixed immediately and I was read to begin the tutorials.

Everything was going along well until our son, Noah, asked to use my computer and deleted a Norton program for my ID and Password. The next day I called Microsoft. However, after 6 hours and 3 different technicians I decided to call Norton, since the my ID and Password program was no longer working and the problems began with their securityprogram.

When I called Norton, they switched me to technicians that I thought were part of Norton AntiVirus, which is included in our Comcast account. To my surprise, the technician was with iYogi. Norton has an agreement iYogi to handle their software issues.

I was very impressed with the iYogi service and immediately signed up for the service program. Since then I have used the program many times. Now, my husband and publicist have also signed up for the service. I wanted to share the iYogi because the service is effective and efficient; and the technicians are extremely polite, prompt and patient.

As with my yoga practice, iYogi has given me a sense of relaxation, comfort and peace of mind.


Sheila N. Glazov , Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
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