A Must Read: Teens Helping Each Other In Mental Health Crises!

Brilliant Idea

Yesterday, in our morning Daily Herald Newspaper I read an article entiteld Surprising remedy for teens in mental health crises that was in the Health Section. I thought the article was Brilliant! To help you, I found it easier to read Surprising remedy for teens in mental health crises in The Hechinger Report  than the electronic version of our newspaper.

School Programs

The school program is  called Teen Mental Health First Aid and it is adapted from Youth Mental Health First Aid, that was developed in Australia and has been taught in the United States since 2008.

What Students Learn

The program teaches student how to recognize warming signs and help a friend through a mental health crisis.

Teachng Life-Long Skills and Lessons

We are teacing out children many incredible subjects and fascinting classes, today. However, I believe that schools, communities, and families also need to teach studens life-long skills and lessons to help them navigate the complicated world they living in. Knowing how to take good care of their physical and metal health should be a priority and is essential!

Call Your School District

After I read the article, I called my local school district office to tell the superintendent about the article. I was pleased when his assistant told me the office recieves the newspaper and she would share the aricle with the superintendent.

Tikkun Olam

By sharing this information with you I am practicing “Tikkun Olam”, which is the Jewish concept “to repair the world”. I believe we all can do our part to keep all the children safe and healthy and heal the world one person at a time!

Final Thought

As a mother, grandmother of teenage grandchildren, and an educator, I feel it is my responsibility to share this information with you. I hope you will read the article and share it with your family, school district, and community!



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