A Must-Read Novel for the Holidays that is Timely and Timeless!

Must-Read Novel
If you are looking for an extraordinary holiday gift for a bibliophile or someone who enjoys history, college memories, and/or life in “The South”, and/or a reader who would appreciate an engaging story, look no farther. I have the book for you!

Timely and Timeless Story
Carol Owens Campbell’s authentic voice throughout Look Away No More is enhanced with skillfully written multi-level metaphors that will return you to a tumultuous time in American history. The 1970’s! Readers will immediately immerse themselves in her timely and timeless story!

A Purpose
Carol’s well-researched facts will also transport you to a time when US college campuses were on the cusp of anarchy. Tally McCall, the heroine of the story, is a sorority girl and history scholar who is searching for purpose in a world ablaze.

Tally’s Challenges
Tally’s brother is serving in Vietnam and her sweetheart is a Yankee. She has been raised by her father who is a respected judge and her mother, who is a successful bridal boutique owner. Yet Tally has no desire to marry and worries about the legal consequences of helping a friend escape the draft.

Tally’s Discoveries
The killing of students at Kent State sparks Tally’s fury and passion for justice.
Tally’s newfound enthusiasm encourages her to discover how to navigate through landmines of country club society, stay true to her ideals, and seize the power of hidden Georgia history and her privileged status to challenge the status quo.

Closing Thought
If Charles Dickens had written “A Tale of Two Campuses” and Geoffrey Chaucer had written “The Ingenue’s Tale,” the combination might celebrate a witty, romantic, brilliant girl during a time of unrest who is determined to prove her abiding creed that “A knowledge of history is the key to survival.”

Praise for Look Away No More
“This author skillfully addresses many of the issues of race and identity that Faulkner does in his novels.” Judges of the 20th Annual William Faulkner Literary Competition awarding this novel in the Novel Category.

Look Away No More is, all at once, an earnest history and sociology lesson, a philosophy treatise, a celebration, a mourning, and a love story. Simply put, there’s no book like it. Sandra Scofield, author of The Scene Book.

Award-Winning Author’s Debut Novel

Look Away No More is the debut novel written by dear friend and writing partner Carol Owens Campbell. Carol was born in Georgia and earned her MFA at Pine Manor College in Massachusetts. Carol also is the co-author of Views from a Pier: Visions of Hope, Dreams, Awareness and Peace.

Carol was awarded 2nd Place at the 20th Annual William Faulkner Literary Competition (Novel Category) and was a Fiction Finalist (Novel), 2018 Masters Workshop, at the Tucson Festival of Books!

You can learn more about Carol at her Website, Facebook page and Goodreads page.

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