A Marathon Run for Lung Cancer and Scholoarships for Children With Type 1 Diabetes

Hurrah for Serendipity! Last week I received an email from Mary Podjasek, the President of the Education for Children with Diabetes Foundation

Mary’s friend, Carole Ewert was reading 
Christy Suerth’s LUNGevity website. Christy is
committed to training and running on with a 
LUNGevity team in her FIRST Chicago Marathon 
on October 12, 2008. She is running to find a
cure for lung cancer, which is the leading
cancer killer, and to honor her mom,
Kay Barmore’s legacy.

Both, Christy and I are members of
Women In Networking (WIN)
I had made a
donation and posted a comment on Christy’s
LUNGevity site about understanding her 
dedication to find a cure for lung cancer,
because of my commitment to find a cure for diabetes.

When I was writing my signature my “Blue Brain”
intuition encouraged me to included my website

I’m thrilled that I did! Hurrah for the
phenomenon of Serendipity!

Mary’s friend, Carole, who is
Christy’s sister-in-law, saw my post,
visited my website, read my
“Diabetes Connection
and encouraged Mary to email me.   

You will learn more about Mary and the Education for Children with Diabetes Foundation in my next post.

Please, to take a moment to log on to the LUNGevity Foundation website and learn more about lung cancer research and how the LUNGevity Foundation supports people suffering from lung cancer.

Christy, I admire your dedication to train and run the marathon in honor of your Mother!

Sheila, “A Member of Christy’s Cheer Leading Squad!”

Sheila N. Glazov ~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Educator ~ Personality Expert
Please, visit my website to learn more about your Brain Colors, my What Color Is Your Brain? book and workshops. 10% of the royalties from the sale of my book is allocated to JFRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)

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