A Dog Story of Loyal Friendship!

Love and Loyalty

During these difficult times, we need our loving family members and loyal friends more than ever before, to share virtual comfort, care and companionship with one another!

Today’s post is from my family business memoir that is entitled, No Bunk, Just BS (Business Sense): 50 Timely and Timeless Truths Business School Cannot Teach You! 

A Dog Lover

My beloved father (of blessed memory) was a Green Brain Mechanical Engineer. He was similar to most Green Brainers and did not easily show his Loving Blue Brain attributes to others. However, when he did demonstrate his Blue Brain love, loyalty, concern, and caring to his family, friends, and his Lab-Line Instrument, Inc. company employees and customers, everyone knew his love, loyalty, concern, and caring was authentic and deeply felt. My father also loved dogs! 

Even A Dog Remembers

Below is the Even a Dog Remembers story about a loyal friendship, which my father wrote for the Lab-Line HI-LITER newsletter, which is featured in my book.

“Driving west on the Eisenhower expressway, one day, I saw a dog lying in the gutter killed by a passing motorist some time earlier. Sitting patiently besides the dead dog was his pal, another dog, hoping, I presume, that his friend would come to life. He was sitting there in the blazing morning sun mourning the death of his friend.  Even a dog knows. Even a dog remembers.

But do human beings know the value of a real friend? Are they fair weather friends, good time Charlies, and when the wheel of fortune turns do they run away?

When a friend needs a helping hand, do they extend theirs or do they climb back into their shells and say, “too bad; it’s his hard luck.”

That’s not a real friend that is just an acquaintance.

We all have loads of acquaintances, but just a handful of real friends with whom we share our pains and our pleasures, our sorrows, and our misfortunes. Just as sunshine follows rain, so do our real friends remember us and stand beside us in good times and bad.

Even a dog remembers and stands, forever, besides his friend.”

Closing Question

Do you have a story that demonstrates loyal friendship?



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