A Critique or A Criticism When You Write or Speak

Last night, I sent out my second “Brain Buzz” email newsletter. This time the learning curve was not as steep as last month.

I was challenged by the Brain Color “Stress Less” Clues section. For some reason the paragraphs would not line up correctly. I had printed the entire newsletter in a document for my “Green Brain” husband to proofread. However, unbeknown to me, when I place the information inside the new box in the newsletter the edited words reverted, and mistakenly I did not go back and spell check it.

The newsletter was ready and I set the deliver a 12:10am.

One of my first email his morning was from an individual who wrote:

“It would be good if you better proof-read your news letter…..I’m green— not yellow— the mistakes are disruptive, anyway….”

My thoughts: Yes, you are “Forest Green”!

The  “Blue Brain” reply I sent the writer:
“Thank you for your attention. I had a problem with the email and when I copied and pasted the information I forgot to check the spelling again. My mistake. I appreciate your comment and my “Blue Brain” apologize for the mistakes that you found disruptive. I will be more accurate and careful to proofread my newsletter better next month.”

I never received a reply and I didn’t expect one. Once a “Green Brainer” says what they need to say they are finished. For example, when they complete a phone conversation they just hang up, and you might find yourself holding the receiver waiting for their salutation.

However, my “Chartreuse Brain” (Yellow/Green Brain) could not resist editing her message:
“better proof-read” was awkward and proofread is not hyphenated, and “news letter” is one word.

Later this morning, I received another message about my errors.
“My ‘green brain’ was just reviewing your attachment below, and I was wondering who is doing your proofreading/copy editing?  Spelling errors, typos, etc., are distracting to my ‘green brain,’ and of course, I had to say something” : )

I responded to the writer and told her the same story and thanked her for her thoughtful attention and consideration.

Her “Teal Brain” (Green/Blue) reply:
“LOL!  It’s so great when somebody really understands where you are coming from!!!!  I knew you would accept my comments in the spirit in which they were offered—just trying to help my friend!”

My reply:
“Yes, I understood your intent. It was very clear, besides correct. 😉 Thank you!”

Each message was written by a “Green Brainer”. However, the first message was a criticism and the second was a critique.

When you speak to some one or write a message…

are your words a Criticism or a Critique?

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