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About 12 years ago, before you could order or download calendars and organizational software online or utilize the ones that are included in other computer programs were available, I purchased AnyTime Organizer

I was in Office Max purchasing another computer program when a box that advertised:
“Easy to Use!” and “Categorize by Color” lassoed my “Yellow Brain” attention.
At the time I think it cost $20.00. What a bargain. I now using the 11th Deluxe version.

The advertising was truthful. I can categorize my business and personal contacts, appointment and tasks according to my Brain Colors. For example:
Yellow: To Do Tasks
: Family and Friends
Green: Business and Books
Orange: Entertainment

Today, I needed to confirm a What Color Is Your Brain? workshop at the Downers Grove Library for April 2011. However, when I check the calendar the National, Jewish and Christian Holidays were missing. I sent an email to customer service explaining my problem. Donte Stafford, the Technical Support Specialist, immediately sent me directions for downloading the holidays. However, that didn’t work. When I emailed Dante my new problem he immediately responded with a file that I saved and attached to my calendar. Presto. It was done! Thank you, Donte!

I always say, “It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.” and efficient customer service make make me ecstatic!

If you are looking for a creative and colorful way to stay organized check out Individual Software for their AnyTime program. They also have other programs that might interest you and you have my testimonial about their responsive and excellent customer service.

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