A Colorful Awards at the Oscars

I have never been a big fan of movies. I prefer to read a book or my friend, Penelope’s remarkable movie review blog.

However, I do have favorite movies.
Most of them from classics from the 1940’s staring
Claudette Colbert, Georg Raft, Lauren Bacall and Bogie

My favorite movie, the Wizard of Oz, was produced in 1939.

However, last night, my husband and I decided to relax and watch the Academy Awards.

Wow, was I pleasantly were my “Blue Brain” surprised!!

I enjoyed the:

“Yellow Brain well organized production.

“Blue Brain creativity of the set and performances.

“Green Brain” information about each award category and all the nominees.

“Orange Brain” humorous hosting by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.

Most of all was thrilled with the 1940’s glamor and good taste of most of the women in attendance.The dresses were elegantly designed with luxurious fabrics and the jewelry was classically understated.

Congratulations and thanks for a delightful evening!

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