A Client’s Surprising Colorful “Thank You” Gift

Post Program Print Outs

Last week , I worked on my Post Program Print Outs. Firstly, I organized the documents with everyone’s names (in alphabetical order), Brain Color rankings, and Praiseworthy Gifts from the program on June 5th for the Gertrude B. Nilelson Learning Center Staff. I also printed out the answers to their Brain Color Group Activity Questions and Answer.

Follow Up Resources

These documents are resources to help the staff members select the best team member for a job because they will have a list of everyone’s Brain Colors. This information will help them create more efficient and effective team work in their classrooms and the school.


Over the weekend, I was surprised by a package that arrived from Amazon. I knew I had not ordered anything in the past few days. When I open the package, I was surprised to find a beautiful Blue (my Comfort Brain Color) Kaleidoscope that is filled with all my bright Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange Brain Colors pieces!

Client Message

The card that accompanied the beautiful gift read: “Enjoy your Gift – To the Queen of Color. With affection. The Nielsen Center”

Thank you Gift

I had given Reagan Denotto, the Executive Director, a lovely orchid plant as a “thank you” for hiring me, on the day of the program. I was not expecting her to send me such a beaufiful and thoughtful gift. I felt that her “Perfect” comment was the perfect thank you for me.

Closing Thought

It is a grand feeling of gratitude, when a client goes out of their way to say “Thank You” for a program they hired you to present to their team members. I was over whelmed by Reagan’s and her team members’ thoughtfulness and appreciation!

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