A Blue Brain Honeycomb Heart

As Blue Brainer, when I think about my relationships with family members and friends, I visualize my heart as a honeycomb, with a compartment for each individual.

However, at times, it has felt like the cast members from The Guiding Light, the longest running soap opera, have filled those compartments instead of cover models of Family Circle magazine.


We “Blue Brainers” love reunions and vacations with family members, close friends, classmates and neighbors, as well as nature trips. They enjoy helping everyone get all their belongings ready and packed for their time together.

Vacations are opportunities to share time with everyone they love. Since their pets are part of the family, they take them along and stay in accommodations that are advertised as pet friendly.

They enjoy a homey atmosphere where they can chat with the proprietor and other guests in small inns, bed & breakfasts, or campsites. On a driving trip, they like to stop along the way to spend time with friends or family members.

They relish scenic spots where they can capture their memories, which will beset to music on a DVD or made into a scrapbook when they return home.

Think about who fills your honeycomb…

1. Who would be the super stars on your Guiding Light?

2. Who could be the cover models on your Family Circle magazine?

3. Whom do you look forward to seeing at your family reunions?

4. Whom do enjoy traveling with on a vacation?  

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