6 Ways Your Character Can Contribute to Your Success?

This week’s business advice relates to your character, which describes your attributes and abilities, not a fictional individual, and success your achieve. The wisdom comes from Chapter 5:  No Bunk Achieving & Maintaining Success Truths  is from my family business memoir, No Bunk Just BS (Business Sense) Timely and Timeless Truths Business School Cannot Teach You!.

No Bunk Truth 2: Your character qualities will help you succeed.
How to Succeed in Business without Trying
For anyone to move ahead and achieve success he or she must demonstrate the following essential qualities:

  1. A thorough grasp of your job. Show by performance that you are capable of mastering increased responsibilities.
  2. A capacity and a desire for growth. Individuals who become absorbed in their own work that they fail to see their assignments in relationship to their team efforts, stifles their own development.
  3. An understanding of their own competence. Promotions seldom come to a person who is doing mediocre work.
  4. An awareness of others. To move ahead, individuals cannot disregard or ignore the activities of other company departments. Be intensely proud of your department and your job; but always keep in mind that your contributions are only part of the whole and could not exist alone.
  5. Check you human relations skills. People are the name of the game. They are the “big pay-off.” Being able to work pleasantly and cooperatively with associates, and the knack of knowing how to secure and keep respect and trust, are the “door openers” to broader opportunities and success.
  6. Increase your knowledge. Enlarge your horizon by reading widely. Be aware of the economic, social, and political factors that affect your company. The more you know the more valuable and successful you will become!

Think about how your character qualities has built your success!  

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