4 Brain Color Tips To Help Your Make Other People Feel Comfortable

I have been developing and customizing a What Color Is Your “PR Communications” Brain?® Program for the PR Council of Lake County in Illinois.

A  critical part of a PR consultant’s or specialist’s job is to establish and maintain relationships with an organization’s target audience, the media, and/or specific individuals. They need to make others feel comfortable so they can conduct interviews for their PR assignments.

Not all of us are PR consultants. However, we often conduct our own professional and/or personal interviews to become for familiar with an individual we might meet in person, during a telephone conversation and/or on line.

Below are examples of how you can make others feel more comfortable when you are getting to know them to enhance your relationship in a workplace, school, home, and/or community environment.

Yellow Brainers enjoy step by step explanations of things they are not familiar with.

Blue Brainers love time to talk about what is of interest to them and you.

Green Brainers like time to demonstrate the process they or you are thinking about.

Orange Brainers need time to talk about an end result and how to achieve the goal.

How can you make adults and/or children feel more comfortable when you are interacting with them?


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