2020 Presidential Candidates’ Brain Color Personalities Can Influence Your Vote!

Past Presidential Candidates’ Brain Color Personalities

There are only 77 days until November 3rd—Election Day 2020.  I have been determining the candidates’ Brain Colors since Presidential Election of 2000. That was the contested (hanging chads) election when Al Gore, a Green Brainer  and Joe Lieberman, a Blue Brainer ran against George W. Bush, an Orange Brainer and Dick Chaney, a Yellow Brainer.

2020 Presidential Election Candidates’ Brain Color Personalities

Below are this year’s candidates and their Brain Color Personalities and their attributes:

Joe Biden, the Democratic Presidential candidate, has a Blue Brain Personality. His Brain Color attributes are: Spiritual, friendly,  relaxed, servant of the people.

Kamala Harris, the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, has a Green Brain Personality. Her Brain Color attributes are: Intelligent, factual, efficient, and pragmatic.

Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential candidate,  has an Orange Brain Personality. His Brain Color attributes are:  Spontaneous, in the moment, not detailed oriented, constantly creating change.

Mike Pence, the Republican Vice Presidential candidate,  has a Yellow Brain Personality. His Brain Color attributes are: Loyalty, focused, calm, and task oriented.

Closing Thoughts

Think about what Brain Color personalities and attributes you admire and will influence your vote in the 2020 Presidential Election!


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