#1 – Stress Less Brain Color Holiday Tips

Holiday Stress Is Here

From the decorations in our neighborhoods and communities, the adds in the newspaper and online, and comments like: “Yikes, I’m already stressing out!”, I think the Holiday Season has begun.

Holiday Help

To help you enjoy the season of celebrations with fewer hassles, my Blue Brain thought it would be helpful to post Stress Less Brain Color Holiday Tips, for the next few weeks.

Playwright Quote

Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw said, “When our relatives are at home, we have to think of all their good points or it would be impossible to endure them.”

Your Relatives

When your relatives come home for the holidays do you think they resemble the people on a Disney World dream vacation brochure or the “most wanted” listings at your local post office? You can enjoy your relatives and those celebrations with less stress, the appropriate gifts, and more time for fun if you understand the Brain Colors of everyone involved, including your own.

Stress Less Brain Color Holiday Tips

Yellow Brainers feel stressed if they do not have time to plan and purchase the “right” gift for each person on their list. Now you can appreciate cousin Marilyn’s Yellow Brain  requirement to purchase “the perfect present” for each member of your family.

Blue Brainers feel stressed if they are lonesome for family members and friends. Buying a gift for Aunt Sylvia, a Blue Brainer, who loves collecting loved one’s photos will be much easier. Now that you know she is Blue, your gift can surround her with love and smiling faces.

Green Brainers feel stressed if they do not have time away from festivities, family members and friends. You will understand that Uncle Al, a Green Brainer, is not the curmudgeon you thought he was, he’s just Green!

Orange Brainers feel stressed if they have too many obligations and not enough time for fun. JB, your Orange Brain brother is sure to be thrilled with his new ice hockey equipment and will immediately want to hit the ice and have some fun!

Final Thought

Remeber these Brain Color Tips to help you understand you friends’ and family members’ personalities, purchase perfect gifts, and decreases your stress before and during the holidays.

Next Week

Look for more Brain Color Holiday Tips, in next week’s blog post!


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