Do you ever wonder why some people are a song in your heart and others a pain in the neck?

You will learn the answers when you schedule one of Sheila Glazov’s What Color Is Your Brain?® programs and buy her books, which clarify the complex nature of yours and other’s personality traits and talents. You will immediately benefit from Sheila’s fun and fascinating Brain Color approach and know how to:

During Sheila’s educational and entertaining program, you will learn how to:

    • Determine your unique Brain Color personality.
    • Recognize why your perspective differs from the viewpoints of others.
    • Communicate more effectively and defuse conflicts quickly.
    • Utilize a non-judgmental approach to efficiently solve problems.
    • Minimize frustration and maximize cooperation.
    • Keep your energy up and your stress down.
    • Decrease the hassles and increase the harmony in your workplace, home, school and/or community.

What Color is Your BrainWatch the video to learn more about the Brain Color concept and “Take A Brain Color Quiz” to discover your Brain Color Personality. Sheila is an internationally acclaimed personality expert, professional speaker, award-winning author, and passionate educator who has appeared on and been featured in…


Fox News
The Wall Street Journal
Chicago Tribune
WGN Chicago
What Color Is Your Brain

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