Realize Long-Term Employee and Organizational Benefits with Sheila Glazov

Our employees tell us that this is the best workshop they have ever experienced. Key benefits for our employees and organization include: accepting ownership for self-improvement and personal accountability; improving communication and conflict management skills; and better understanding the needs and styles of others.
Raymond J. Kayal, Jr., President & CEO, NewsLink Group

Sheila’s technique is the most thorough I have experienced with any speaker. She brings to this analysis her in-depth knowledge of human behavior and is able to provide a program, which is fast paced, entertaining and educational.
Clint C. Parram, MPH, Senior Director, Illinois Hospital Assoc., Illinois Risk Management Services

Sheila Glazov Helps Teams Work Better Together

Sheila’s program makes it easy and fun to capture ideas and to apply them to the teams I am forming and collaborating with for my business. Having a greater understanding of the strengths team members allows for better communication, smooth working relationships, and keeping me from engaging in partnerships that just would not be the right fit.
Jill W. Chambers, Colonel (R) U.S. Army, CEO, This Able Vet, LLC

My staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the program, which brought them together in a way that doesn’t always happen with more traditional customer service workshops. Staff evaluations were unanimously high and included “intriguing, insightful, great fun and loved it!”
Susan McNeil-Marshall, Library Administrator, Woodridge Public Library

Learning Sheila’s Glazov’s Brain Colors Helps Patients Feel More Comfortable

It helps you start a conversations with patients and their advocate(s).
A great frame of reference when speaking to others.
It helps to understand each person’s “Back Story.”
A motivational and practical approach.
An effective problem solving technique too more efficient.
Valuable tool to keep your mind open about others and their backgrounds.
Hines VA Hosptial Polytrauma/TBI team members

Realize Your Program Goals with Sheila Glazov

Sheila arrived well prepared. Her care and concern for people, as well as her great sense of humor and interactive and fun process came through every moment to the workshop.The workshop accomplished every goal I had.
Carol Pape, Operations Manager, Association of Professional Chaplains.

It was our goal for staff to have a better understanding of themselves and see the value in their co-worker. Sheila helped us achieve that goal. No one was intimidated. Sheila’s knowledge, interaction and her sense of humor made everyone very comfortable.
Peggy Chapman, President, Employee Activity Committee, Taylorville Memorial Hospital

Brain Colors are Easily Applied to Daily Situations Long After Sheila Glazov’s Program

My staff continues to refer to many actions or responses in terms of color on a daily basis.Sheila provided us with the necessary tools to increase our our understanding of inter-personal relationships at work and home. I cannot speak highly enough of this program!
Tomas R Poupard, Director, Department of Planning, Village of Northbrook

Sheila’s workshops remain the most impactful and spirited professional development days at MSN. They remain effective tools for professionals to work on and through sensitive issues and/or points of disagreements. Teachers continue to incorporate the Brain Color concepts in their work with students.
Mark Richter, Principal, Community Unit School District 95, Middle School North

Parents Gain Fresh Perspective with Sheila Glazov

We appreciate all Sheila did beforehand with Parent-to-Parent Network members to plan and tailor her program to meet the needs of parents. All who attended thoroughly enjoyed Sheila’s presentation, which made us look at ourselves, our children, and our spouses with a fresh perspective on why we behave as we do.
Betsy Frezen, Parent-to-Parent Network Liaison, Kildeer Countryside Community Consolidated School District 96

Sheila delivered vital family lessons in a fun, stimulating and most humorous style. Our families walked away with an enhanced understanding and acceptance of one another, while embracing their individual differences. The way Sheila accommodated our needs was seamless.
Susan Snyder, MS, LCPC Director of Counseling, Options for College Success

Program Attendees Can’t Stop Talking Brain Color

Sheila engaged 200 people in her keynote and also made her smaller workshops fun and enjoyable. Conference attendees rated Sheila’s presentation as EXCELLENT. She specifically tailored her presentation to our members’ needs, and they loved it!
Denise Knoblauch, RN, AOHP (Association of Occupational Health Professionals) National Conference Chair

I can’t remember when our staff were more at ease and interactive with the presenter and each other. Our teachers haven’t stopped talking about brain color and using it to self-reflect, improve communication and understand and appreciate personality types.
Lana Weiner, Executive Director, Gertrude B. Nielsen Child Care & Learning Center

Sheila Glazov Helps Participants Reduce Conflict with Better Communications

By nature I am a very skeptical person. This seminar provided me with the tools necessary to communicate the message I want to send in a manner which the listener will be open to receive. A great class, useful information, and fun to boot!
Maureen Moynihan-Fradkin, CAS, OSHA, Long Island, NY, Area Office

Sheila’s simple straight forward easy to understand concepts and book…humanize processing/personality differences between spouses, parents and children… to promote understanding rather than conflict and criticism.
James Galvin, Attorney and Co-Founder, Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois

Create Harmony and Collaboration with Sheila Glazov

“I would recommend this presentation to any company where associates work together for a more harmonious work environment.”
Rosie Jeretina, RN BSNc, Supervisor Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab, Good Shepherd Hospital

“What an applicable and colorful framework for expanding our understanding of ourselves. It’s always good for us to remember how to enjoy and work more cohesively with all our own or each other’s colors. You workshop was great for our staff!”
Community Crisis Center staff member

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