Q. Is a What Color Is Your Brain?™ (WCIYB) program appropriate for my conference participants and their partners, guests or staff members?

A. Yes. A WCIYB program is beneficial for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of themselves and others. WCIYB helps individuals resolve conflicts quickly, build harmonious relationships and improve job performance.

Q. Why do people say WCIYB is a unique program?

A. In most professional development programs, participants can only utilize what they have learned in their workplace. WCIYB is unique because it is a fun and fascinating approach because it bridges the individuals’ professional and personal relationships. It also minimizes stress in between, managers and team members, customers and business owners, parents and children, teachers and students, among family members and friends and in dating and marital relationships,

Q. Can you offer an alternative for the monotonous museum, city tour and cooking class Partner Conference programs?

A. Absolutely! WCIYB is entertaining and enlightening. At conference partners and guests are thrilled with the fresh insightful relationship ideas they can immediately share with the conference attendee. Consider offering a WCIYB Breakout session and/or an innovative combined program for attendees and their partners/guests.

Q. If I schedule a WCIYB program, what results can I expect?

A. Participants will immediately learn their Brain Colors strengths and discover how to utilize the WCIYB approach to make decisions, handle change and effectively build rapport with others. They are sure to experience “aha moments”… “That’s why she’s a pain in my neck and he’s a song in my heart!” or “That’s why I zig and they zag!” or “So, that’s what makes them tick!”

Q. What changes will results from participants learning the WCIYB concepts?

A. Individuals will have the knowledge, skills and ability to help them break down barriers to improve communication and cooperation in the workplace and at home. They will know how to recognize and respect the best in themselves and others to create more harmonious relationships.

Q. What type of groups ask you to speak at their events?

A. I do not have a niche market. I have enjoyed working with business leaders, managers and staff, teachers and students, women’s groups, associations, parent organizations, healthcare providers and community clubs in the US, Canada, Europe and South America.

Q. Can I utilize the Brain Colors as the theme for my event?

A. Definitely. I encourage and help clients utilize the Brain Color as an event theme. The Top Cats Motorcycle Club used “Celebrate You, Your Brain and Your Bike” and a Women In Management (WIM) Women’s Retreat theme was “Your Brain, Business, Body and Spirit!

Q. Do you offer different types of presentations?

A. Yes. One or a combination of the following programs can be designed to fit your needs. Keynotes • Half Day & Full Day Workshops • Conference Keynotes, Breakout Session and Partner/Guest Programs • Lunch and Learn Presentations • Teacher In-service Workshops

Q. How do participants describe your presentations?

A. Participatory, productive, fascinating, entertaining, applicable, creative, educational and fun.

Q. How do participants describe your presentation style?

A. Innovative, motivational, engaging, authentic, inclusive.

Q. How do you prepare for a program and get to know your audience?

A. I use specific R & D processes to prepare for each program, which include:

  • Conducting interviews with the client to know what works best for them and what they want to achieve in the workshop.
  • Researching information about the client’s organization.
  • Utilizing a pre-program questionnaire to interview participants via phone or email.
  • Transferring participants’ ideas into the program/workshop materials.
  • Discussing the program and materials with you and the client to make sure I am on target to meet the appropriate goals successfully.
Q. Do you offer handout material in all of your programs?

A. Absolutely. People remember 80% – 90% of what they see and touch and only 10% – 15% of what they hear. My handout materials help participants with visual kinesthetic and/or auditory learning styles, which make them feel comfortable, confident and productive.

Q. Do you offer Post Workshop materials and follow-up programs?

A. Yes, I do. As an educator, I know that transferring, applying and reinforcing the WCIYB concepts are essential for success. Depending on the program a clients selects I provide the following materials:

  • Print-out of participants “Comfort Color” and other brain colors”, Numerical rating of their brain color, and Descriptive Word of their “Praiseworthy Gift.”
  • Print-out of Interactive group activities.
  • Print-out of participants’ evaluations The Print-outs become an easy resource and reflective tool to help participants continue to use the teamwork, self-esteem, and creative problem solving skills, knowledge and techniques. WCIYB follow-up programs to assist groups or individuals are available and encouraged.
Q. Are your What Color Is Your Brain? books available at an event?

A. Definitely. If you plan to purchase a book for each participant to be included with their handout materials, I can offer a discounted price on copies of WCIYB. I can also have extra books available for “back of the room” sales. I allocate 10% of the royalties from the sale of WCIYB to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

Q. What are your fees, and do they include travel expenses?

A. I would be delighted to schedule an appointment to speak with you about the budget and financial investment for a WCIYB program. I will also work with you to obtain the most cost effective airfares, hotel rates and meals which are additional expenses

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