Sheila has been interview and featured in major newspapers, magazines and internet websites in the United States, Brazil, Portugal and Russia.

“I work as a journalist for a Brazilian news website called iG (Internet Group) Your book, “What Color Is Your Brain?” has just been released here and I would like very much to chat with you about it.
Clarissa Passos, Editora, Delas: Filhos e Noivas, IG

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Chicago Parent Magazine – How Knowing Your Brain Color Can Make You A Better Parent

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Daily Herald – Schools Experiment with ‘Brain Color’ to Help Students Identify how they Learn

Pravada – Colour Theory May Help Parents to Understand Child Behaviour

Happy Woman Magazine

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Chicago Tribune: Fairy-tale Author Sparks Creativity of Young Writers

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JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Foundation) Newsletter: What Color Is Your Brain?

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